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Successful work

KIBS AD Skopje continues with the successful work and positive growth in terms of financial results, scope of work, customer satisfaction and service, and commitment of the management board, management and employees. Success in the operation due to the excellent cooperation with the customer services, the monitoring of the financial sector and responding appropriately to changes and challenges, monitoring and development of information technology, maintaining and raising the level of automation of processes and the application of modern technologies, commitment and concern for the needs and requirements of users and the application of international standards activities.

Informations about Digital certificates

+ 389 (02) 3297 444 + 389 (02) 5513 444
fax:+389 2 3297 497

Direct Debit
KIBS AD Skopje application solution developed to simulate the process of direct debit  under the rules, practices and standards of SEPA. KIBS has signed an agreement with the European Payments Council to use the licenses to the rules, procedures, standards and formats schemes for direct debit. The Simulator is available to all interested parties and they can participate in the role of a bank, debtor or creditor. For more information please contact the e-mail:

Macedonian Credit Bureau AD Skopje donian Credit Bureau AD Skopje

Macedonian Credit Bureau AD Skopje is the first private credit bureau in the country, founded by KIBS AD Skopje.

It`s main function is providing collection and processing data for the entity liabilities and other information determined by the Law of Credit Bureau, in order to provide debt reports and regularity in obligation accomplishment of the entities.

The product of Macedonian Credit Bureau is Report.

For more information please contact the:
phone.:+389 (0)2 3251 280
fax: +389 (0)2 3251 290